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Dental Assistant


A thorough oral examination is essential for proper maintenance of your oral and overall health.  At Kendall Woods Dental, we use digital x-rays to minimize your radiation exposure.  Our staff and dentists have years of experience to help identify small problems before they become large ones.


One of the easiest and quickest ways to improve your smile is through teeth whitening.  Whitening can remove stains that your regular cleaning cannot reach.  Our office in Boerne, TX offers both custom-fitted at-home treatments as well as more efficient in-office procedures.

Perfect Smile


Our office uses high-quality resin (white) filling materials to give you a long-lasting smile that looks just like your natural teeth.  If there is insufficient tooth structure for a resin restoration, we use digitally-milled zirconia crowns to give you a strong, perfectly-fitted restoration that will never show any gray.  Our office can also fabricate thin porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of your teeth with minimal preparation of your teeth.


If the nerve of the tooth has been severely traumatized, or the tooth has begun to abscess, then a root canal may be necessary to remove the infection and save the tooth.  Our doctors at Kendall Woods Dental have many years of experience in helping making this as comfortable of a procedure as possible.  Complicated cases may need to be referred to a local specialist, but many root canals can be done right here in our office.

Dental x-ray


Unfortunately, sometimes teeth are too diseased and/or fractured to be saved.  In these cases, our doctors at Kendall Woods Dental are able to remove the affected teeth as painlessly as possible.  Our office will also discuss ways to restore your bite and smile and, in many cases, can even have you leaving our office with a better smile than you came in with!


Tired of poorly-fitting dentures, or wanting to improve your ability to chew and enjoy your meals again?  Come see our highly-trained team to discuss how we can help!  Don't be discouraged if you have had problems with your dentures before - the technology has been advancing rapidly and there are now many options to help you retain and function on your dentures better than ever!  Our dentists at Kendall Woods Dental have trained in the latest methods and will discuss your options with you.

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Dental Surgery


One of the best ways to restore missing teeth is through the use of dental implants.  Dental implants serve as surrogate tooth roots, allowing the dentist to restore your missing teeth without damaging any adjacent teeth.  We coordinate treatment with local surgeons in Boerne to provide you with the best results possible without the hassle and expense of travelling into San Antonio!

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